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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Growing older

Growing older never really bothered me. It is a fact of life. Every year as my birthday approaches I look at how life has treated me. Sometimes it has been nothing but good reflections and other years bad but I got through them. When I used to go to church often I used to thank God for allowing me another year on this beautiful earth. Now I thank life. I still believe in a higher entity, a higher spirituality but I think each individual has the capacity to decide what brings them peace. I think I was probably in my early 20s when I came across The Tao of Pooh and it really struck a chord on how I wanted to live my life. Living in harmony with the Tao "way/path/principle". I took it as having that philosophical, ethical and moral compass to do the right thing. Be a good person in life. Make mistakes, but learn from them. Work hard and grow from your experiences. Seek knowledge and enlighten yourself and those around you. 

Why do I think about these thoughts on chilly Thursday evening? I was looking at my husband as we were watching television and thinking of how lucky I am to find someone that is patient, kind, witty and loves me. It can be hard finding your own path in this world but it is certainly great to find a partner willing to forge a path with you.